Hudl Game Requests

CSFOA has been requesting all varsity game films officiated by CSFOA crews since Week 1 of the 2013 season. While the majority of games have been shared with us through Hudl, not all schools have exchanged their films. Games officiated by associations other than CSFOA are not normally requested.

When a game film is sent, it is filed and shared with the crew that officiated the game. If you officiated a game on a crew other than your own, the film will not automatically be shared with you. However, you may request the game by sending an email to webmaster(at)

When requesting a game, please include the following information:

  • Name of official the game will be shared with
  • Date the game was played
  • The names of both schools
  • The crew that officiated the game (ie Fosdick Crew, Gray Crew)

If you are a CSFOA official and have not signed up for a Hudl account but would like one, please send an email to webmaster(at) and a request will be sent to you.


Lightning Policy

The first week we had an incident that generated a lot of emails and phone calls. No lightning struck the stadium and everything was done correctly, but the incident should serve as a reminder to all.

First, let’s review what we might have available, listed in order of most to least accuracy:

1-     A weather service available electronically. These reports are usually specific to the exact stadium location.

2-     A lightning meter. There are many different types and the owner should be the monitor and reporter. Get their name and know where they are.

3-     The good old flash-to-bang count.

Next, I’ll point out the variety of policies in order of precedence:

1-     School District of the home team. It’s their show – follow their rules.

2-     CHSAA Lightning Policy (link to pdf). This only applies if a weather service or meter is available and can be trumped by (1) above.

3-     The NFHS default policy found on page 98 of the RB.

When resuming play, please make sure each team has enough time to warm up – let each coach have whatever they want. It’s not a good idea to resume play if either coach objects to doing so. You may have to play negotiator and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter an unreasonable position. Per Rule 3-1-3, both coaches have to agree to shorten or terminate the game. Any lightning delay with a running clock automatically terminates the game.

If you think this is overkill, don’t forget a few years ago we had Over Officious Ollie assigned as Referee. He took the lightning meter from the trainer and checked it between plays.


George Demetriou