2016 Week 2 Bulletin Sept 8, 2016

  1. Quote of the week – from an actual game report “Linesman had an excellent crack back blindside block.” You know what to do.
  2. Some referees are waiting for the chains after a first down inbounds before starting the clock with the silent wind. The clock needs to start when the ball is spotted as the offense can snap at that point. The offense has the right to set the pace of the game and support personnel should not dictate. Also, all officials must make a priority effort to be in place when the umpire spots the ball. The umpire should not wait for officials to get in perfect position.
  3. The receiver caught the ball and was heading to the EZ when a defender punched the ball out, the BJ was in position to make the call at the GL and signaled touchdown a split second too early. Possession was lost at the B-1. The defense recovered the fumble in the end zone for a TB. Signaling s TD is one of the many moments in the game that cause fans to crane their necks and slide to the edge of their seat is when the runner approaches the goal line. If it is your goal line, you are the signaling official, take advantage of this dramatic moment prior to signaling. Signaling official should plant his/her feet, confirm the ball crossed the GL, PAUSE, then signal with a controlled confident touchdown signal. Not only will this help you to get it right, but it will show the coaches, fans and players that you are seasoned official worthy of working the big game.
  4. Players cannot play with a tinted visor and doctor’s note. Sun glasses under a clear visor are legal.
  5. On a try, a defender encroached and proceeded to rough the holder. Both fouls are dead-ball fouls after the ready and before the try, so they could only be enforced on the try. Please check 8-2-5.
  6. A receiver catches a pass at the B-37. His motion carries him back towards the line of scrimmage where at the B-40 he is contacted and driven back to the B-34 where he is downed. Where is the ball spotted? The forward progress spot is the B-40 – where he was first contacted.
  7. Please ignore animal teeth mouthpieces; a long term decision on those will be made by the Rules Committee for 2017.
  8. The first ‘fight’ of the season turned out to mostly be a big shoving match. Four ejections were reported, all of which were proven by the video to be incorrect numbers. Please ask your referees to review fight procedures as part of the pregame.



Important Dates

Here are some important dates including CSFOA Regular Season Meetings

CSFOA Regular Season Meetings
September 20
October 4 & 18
November 1

Meetings are held at Trinity United Methodist Church starting at 6:30PM.  Trinity is located at 701 North 20th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.



2016 Eligibility Requirements & Testing Deadlines

The 2016 Requirements for Varsity and Play-off Eligibility

2016 Varsity Eligibility

  • Paid CFOA & CSFOA dues by March 1st
  • Attend the 2016 Master Clinic; (in person every other year)
  • Pass rules test with 85%+
  • Pass Physical Standards Test (PST)
  • Member in Good Standing

2016 Playoff Eligibility

  • Paid CFOA & CSFOA dues by March 1st
  • Attend the 2016 Master Clinic; (in person every other year)
  • Pass rules test with 85%+
  • Pass Physical Standards Test (PST)
  • Member in Good Standing
  • Must apply for post season & select position by Sept 1st
  • Minimum of 3 years varsity experience for play-offs; 5 years for semi-finals & finals
  • Must have worked: minimum of 10 of varsity games; minimum of 7 in their playoff position (per Arbiter); minimum of 3 sub-varsity high schools games
  • Must attend 7 meetings: 4 Association; 3 Crew (to include Master Clinic; includes 1 off-season or 1 New Officials meeting)
  • Must be available entire post season (Sat)
  • Will have 24 hours to accept or decline a playoff assignment
  • Turn back of a game after availability was indicated will also result in disqualification for the remainder of this post season and the post season next year
  • For championship games, cannot have worked a championship in the previous 4 season

2016 Deadlines

  • Veteran Rules Test – August 24, 2016
  • Playoff Video Review Test – August 24, 2016
  • Playoff Mechanics Test – August 24, 2016
  • Physical Standards Test – August 24, 2016
  • Apply for Post season – September 1, 2016
  • Select Post season position – September 1, 2016



2016 Crew Chiefs

In 2016 there will be 9 crews in CSFOA. The Crew Chiefs are:

Mark VanGampleare

Joe Miller

Sheldon McGuire

Ray Lutz

Rich Gray

Steve Gaines

George Demetriou

Craig Cox

DJ Bremser


2014 State Championship Crew (2A)

Congratulations to the CSFOA members who worked the 2014 2A State Championship game.

Mark VanGampleare, R
Dan Cronin, U
Scott Samsel, L
Brad Hallock, LJ
Dave Barton, BJ
Jim Fredrick Alt