CFOA Playoff Quiz Week 1 w/ Answers

QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS: For each play situation jot down which team will next snap the ball, the down and distance, and when the game clock will start. Also note any disqualifications.

Quiz with Answers

1. (Referee): 3/5 @ A-35. A7 drops back to pass and under intense pressure at the A-25, he throws the ball at the feet of A32 who is protecting the pocket immediately in front of A7. RULING: A, 4/20 @ A-20. Although A32 is an eligible receiver the ball was thrown directly to the ground without “air under it. Although it could be argued that an eligible receiver was in the area, it is obvious no effort was made to complete the pass and it was thrown solely to save loss of yardage. The foul is for intentional grounding and the penalty five yards from the spot of the foul and loss of down (7-5-2e, Philosophy). Game clock: Snap.

2. (Umpire): 1/10 @A-20. Immediately after the snap, center A54 brushes by nose guard B62 making slight contact on his way to block linebacker, B56. While B62 and A54 are in contact, right guard A68 blocks B62 at the knee from the front. A22 is stopped up the middle for no gain.RULING: A, 2/8 @ A-22. There is no foul for a chop block. A54 is not blocking B62. The incidental contact does not constitute part of a combination block (2-3-8). The low block by A68 is legal because the ball was still in Free Blocking Zone (2-17-2). Game clock: Does not stop

3. (Head Linesman): 3/10 B-44. Team A trails 28-26 in the fourth quarter with 0:04 on the game clock when the ball is snapped. A12 completes a forward pass to A88 at the B-40, and A88 then heads toward the goal line. About to be tackled at the B-10, A88 throws a forward pass to A33 who catches the ball in the end zone. The game clock reads 0:00. RULING: The game is over. The penalty for the illegal forward pass is accepted to erase the touchdown, but the quarter is not extended because the penalty includes loss of down (7-5-2b, 3-34-b3).  Game clock: None.

4. (Line Judge): 2/5 @B-40. A11 takes the snap in pistol formation and runs a read option play to the Line Judge side. He cuts upfield with A77 as his lead blocker. B15 runs up to A77 at the B-37 and blocks him from the front at the knees allowing B45 to make the tackle inbounds at the B-35.RULING: A, 1/10 @ 50. A foul for a low block because it occurred outside the free blocking zone; the 15-yard penalty is enforced from the end of the run (9-3-2). Game clock: Ready.

5. (Back Judge): 4/3 @ R-38. Windy day and K2 punts the ball straight up in the air. The ball does not cross the line of scrimmage and R49 signals for a fair catch at the R-36. The ball hits the ground and R27 picks up the ball at the R-40 and advances to the goal line. RULING: R, 1/10 @R-40. Although a fair catch was not possible because the ball did not cross the neutral zone, the ball is dead when Team R catches or recovers the kick because a Team R player gave a fair catch signal (2-9-1, 6-5-5). Game clock: Snap.


2014 Banquet Information

Tuesday November 4th

Social Time 6:00 PM | Dinner 6:30 PM

@ Johnny’s Navajo Hogan

2817 North Nevada Avenue (1 block south of Fillmore)

719-337-2173 or [email protected]

Please RSVP to Dan Cronin

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Meeting Requirements

7 total meetings are required for playoff eligibility.
4 must be association meetings (state clinic counts; banquet does not count).
3 “alternate” meetings (crew, off-season, new officials) may count towards the 7; only 1 may be an off-season or new officials meeting.
Members that miss an association meeting because of work should E-mail the Vice President for meeting credit.

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