2014 Banquet Information

Tuesday November 4th

Social Time 6:00 PM | Dinner 6:30 PM

@ Johnny’s Navajo Hogan

2817 North Nevada Avenue (1 block south of Fillmore)

719-337-2173 or [email protected]

Please RSVP to Dan Cronin

Read more about the 2014 CSFOA Banquet


Meeting Requirements

7 total meetings are required for playoff eligibility.
4 must be association meetings (state clinic counts; banquet does not count).
3 “alternate” meetings (crew, off-season, new officials) may count towards the 7; only 1 may be an off-season or new officials meeting.
Members that miss an association meeting because of work should E-mail the Vice President for meeting credit.

Minutes + Photos

A new photo page is live. You can see it Here.

If you have any crew photos or photos of officials and would like to see them on, please email them to [email protected]

If possible, please include names and other relevant information.


Hudl Game Requests

CSFOA has been requesting all varsity game films officiated by CSFOA crews since Week 1 of the 2013 season. While the majority of games have been shared with us through Hudl, not all schools have exchanged their films. Games officiated by associations other than CSFOA are not normally requested.

When a game film is sent, it is filed and shared with the crew that officiated the game. If you officiated a game on a crew other than your own, the film will not automatically be shared with you. However, you may request the game by sending an email to webmaster(at)

When requesting a game, please include the following information:

  • Name of official the game will be shared with
  • Date the game was played
  • The names of both schools
  • The crew that officiated the game (ie Fosdick Crew, Gray Crew)

If you are a CSFOA official and have not signed up for a Hudl account but would like one, please send an email to webmaster(at) and a request will be sent to you.


From Craig Cox, CSFOA President

CSFOA members,

I encourage each of you to attend the CSFOA meeting on Tuesday, Sep 24th. Jerry Boles, Dan Cronin, and Clyde Thomas, each of whom served on the Bylaws Committee during the off-season, will be leading the discussion and voting on the proposed bylaw changes. The meeting begins per normal schedule at 6:30PM, but Jerry, Dan, & Clyde will arrive by 5:30 to answer questions and have discussion on the proposed changes. The first votes will be taken on the editorial tweaks to the bylaws. Based on the length and depth of your discussion, the remaining items will be up for vote on Tuesday, or, if warranted, the remaining items will be taken up during the following meeting. This is your chance to weigh in on the governance of your organization.

If you have a strong opinion on any of the proposals that you would like to share with your fellow CSFOA members, feel free to send me your thoughts and I will forward to the other members of the association”

Craig Cox, CSFOA President